Breakaway Training

Computer Key - Escape button

We realise that many staff attending a breakaway course are very apprehensive as they are not sure what to expect. This introduction aims to put your minds at rest.

You are not there to throw each other around. It is about learning techniques to escape safely from an aggressor when all else has failed, to give you the confidence to be able to escape without injury to yourselves or the assailant, and to get help.

You will find the course is designed not only to be informative, but also fun. It does not require strength or the need to be especially fit. Staff of all ages and abilities can participate, although we will want you to tell us if you have any medical conditions, which might limit your participation.

You will find all the instructors very approachable and willing to help. Please come along and enjoy the training.


To demonstrate breakaway and safe escape techniques for delegates to copy and practice.


By the end of the session, delegates should be able to: 


  • understand that these techniques are used as a last resort, when attempts to defuse/de-escalate the situation have failed 
  • assess and use their environment for escape routes 
  • deal with wrist, and arm grabs
  • deal with hair pulls and clothes grabs
  • breakaway from various strangle holds
  • demonstrate a breakaway technique for use when grabbed over a desk or counter
  • breakaway if held through a vehicle window 


A certificate of attendance is issued to all attending the course.



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